bush is changing immigration policies

i think he is doing the right thing. immigration policies must be changed and the screws tightened. anyone who wants to move into america must be ready to be an american, live like an american and accepts the values and lifestyle of an american. anyone coming to singapore must accept what we are, including our political system, culture, national service, no spitting, no chewing gum and death penalty for drug traffickers. otherwise get lost. why would a country accept people who are not willing to be one of them and determine to change the system to suit them or their way of life? why would a muslim country want to accept christians or buddhists or whatever who refuse to accept the muslim way of life and wanted to proselytise and build their own community and an alien way of life that is in conflict with the host country. this applies to a non muslim country accepting people of other religion and other queer way of lifestyles. the laxity and generosity of the host countries are always abused by the immigrants and eventually lead to more trouble than the host asked for. europe and america are facing the consequences. australia will be facing soon. singapore will too if it is too careless about the immigrants it is taking in. the american statue of liberty and open arm policies are going to bring along all its problems. all policies are double edged sword and the govt must consciously choose what it wants and bear the consequences.

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