the americans are standing up to their leaders' deceit

william pfaff penned an article in today, 'payback time for warmongers?' the story is a followed up to 'scooter' libby's indiction for exposing the identity of a cia agent, putting her and her family at risk. and this is only the tip of the iceberg. the paper revealed that more of bush's closed lieutenants, maybe even bush, will be indicted in no time. nothing new, except that the americans and the rest of the world were willing parties to the deceit. all chose to believe, like little kids being mesmerised by the stories of white men killing red indians. a good thing. it looks so silly, but it happened. all the discrepancies, misleading information, half baked information, were trumpetted by presidents, prime ministers and secretaries of state across the world, including a serious session in the united nation, as justifications to invade iraq. can we believe that world leaders, men who are making decisions for the people of the world, behaved so clownish at the united nations? all these men who were present should all resign and live a life of shame. they are unfit, despite whatever titles they gave themselves, to be called world leaders. and what was the role of the great and objective media, with great thinkers and analysts? they were all parties to the deceit. payback time has just started. and william pfaff is talking about locking them up in guantanamo base for a start. will bush and blair, and the whole gang, be hanged for their injustice and the lives of iraqis and american boys lost due to their personal folly?

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